QVRM Association Profit and Loss Account 2019

Dinner£2,326.50(£1,782.00)|Officers’ Expenses£0.00(£65.78)
Ties£168.00(£33.00)|Website Hosting£33.94(£0.00)
Anniversary Event£1,810.00(£0.00)|Anniversary Event£4,318.58(£0.00)
Excess/ Deficit£1,573.74(£968.72)|
Opening balance 1 Jan 19£7,811.61(£6,842.89)|
Closing balance 31 Dec 20£6,237.87(£7,811.61)|


  1. Accounts are presented on an actual basis.  2018 figures are in brackets.
  2. The cost of the guests and subsidy for the 2019 dinner was £707.22 (£363.50). 
  3. The cost of the subsidy for the Anniversary Event was £2,508.58
  4. The current bank account balance as of 1st May 2020 was £9,427.37. The increase since 1st January 2020 represents subscriptions received of £1,440.00 and dinner pre-payments of £1,749.50.

Gary Bunkell, Treasurer

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