1. Name

The name of the Association shall be the Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal (QVRM) Association (called the “Association” in this Constitution).

2. Objectives

The Objectives of the Association are to:

  • recognise the exclusivity of the QVRM, awarded in recognition of outstanding and meritorious service in the Volunteer Reserves of the United Kingdom
  • promote the ethos of Reserve Forces
  • maintain a register of recipients for posterity.
  • promote and foster the distinctive and tri-Service aspects of the QVRM amongst its recipients
  • create a forum, via an Annual Dinner, for recipients to commemorate the institution of the QVRM

3. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (the Officers),  a representative member from the Royal Naval Reserve/Royal Marines Reserve, Army Reserve and Royal Air Force Reserve/Royal Auxiliary Air Force, and the Webmaster.

4. Meetings

a. General Meetings The Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Notice of the meeting is to be circulated by the Secretary at least 28 days in advance.  All members of the Association shall be entitled to attend and vote.  An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by not less than six members by giving at least thirty-five days’ notice to the Secretary who shall circulate notice of the Meeting to all members as for the AGM. The members calling the EGM shall indicate to the Secretary the business to be discussed at the meeting and any specific resolutions to be proposed.

b. Executive Committee Meetings Executive Committee Meetings will held as often as required to discuss the business of the Association. The Annual general Meeting will be held prior to the Annual Dinner.

5. Rules of Procedure at All Meetings

A Quorum of the Executive Committee will be four members. Unless otherwise specified in this Constitution, all questions arising at any meeting will be decided on by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote. A written minute will be made of all meetings and will contain a record of all proceedings, resolutions and decisions.

6. Finance

An Annual Subscription to the Association to be approved at a General Meeting of the Association will be levied from all members of the Association. All money raised by or on behalf of the Association will be applied to further the objectives of the Association and for no other purpose save that of meeting reasonable expenses incurred by administrative and promotional costs. The Treasurer will keep proper accounts of the finances of the Association, which will be checked and validated each year, by the Secretary of the Association. A bank account will be opened in the name of the Association with a bank or building society selected by the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee will authorise the Treasurer to sign cheques on behalf of the Association.

7. Dissolution

If the Executive Committee decide at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Association, the Executive Committee will have the power to dispose of any assets held by the Association after the settlement of any proper debts and liabilities. Any assets remaining after the settlement of debts and liabilities will be given or transferred to the Reserve Forces Association for the sole purpose of commemorating past and serving members of the Reserve Forces in the spirit of the Aim of this constitution.